When a sermon series & current events collide

As we are talking about “what we believe” in our church sermon and study series, and look at the tragic events we face, most recently the shooting in Oregon, Meg our children’s minister found and shared an article reflecting this on her social media feed.  Here are some thoughts that came up in the midst of follow up conversations with commenters questioning the very existence of God, let alone finding God in tragedy.  The article can be found here:  Looking for God in Tragedy

Meg’s comments are as follows:

It’s not my job to speak for anyone other than myself in cases like this, and encourage others to join in dialogue. All I know is that science says you can’t get something from nothing, so at some point there has to be some ultimate source that created the particles that bounced around and became the universe. I also know that historically, the accounts of Jesus (while many written with a purpose in mind) are accurate. I can’t force anyone to come to the same conclusions I have surrounding those things. It won’t stop me from sharing my thoughts, and I appreciate all thoughtful conversation on the topics! I know that it’s true the quote that sticks with me is this,“The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians: who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, walk out the door, and deny Him by their lifestyle.” (Brennan Manning) I admit I’ve been guilty of that at times, and strive to change that.

I appreciate that this article takes a healthier view of the theology of the Cross. All people say over and over is “Jesus died to pay the price for my sins” that might be part of it, but that kind of thinking limits the work of the cross. We don’t have a God who always prevents hurt or takes suffering away, but rather enters into suffering it with us- as demonstrated by the cross. I agree that you can’t find God in the evil actions that were committed in this, or any other situation that comes out of the brokenness of humanity.

We hope you can find a place at our church community to have safe conversations as we navigate our faith in the midst of life’s challenges!


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