October 16 Weekly Connection!

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall day!  Here are the things to keep in mind over the next days –

Saturday morning at 9:00 is the next WISH gathering for ladies of all ages!  We start with a brief meeting and then get busy on various projects.  We continue work on our prayer shawls, craft items for the Christmas Fair, and sending cards for our friends that are unable to get to church.  Pie Day (!) is coming up and we will be hammering out those details as well.  You may recall that last year, WISH had Thanksgiving pies available for order and purchase.  That will be happening this year too. I will keep you posted on those details as the time comes nearer.

The Young Life Walk-a-thon is also on Saturday morning at 10:00 at Adams Farm in Walpole.  We’ve reached Walkathon week for Young Life!  Our own Meg Nelson is walking and is getting closer to reaching her fundraising goal.  If you weren’t in church to be able to donate this past week, you can do so online at this link: https://giving.younglife.org/Views/evt/dsp_FundraisingStats.cfm?idEvent=318 You could also email Meg a sponsorship pledge amount, and give it to her this coming Sunday.  Thanks to all who have supported this great ministry partner of ours!

Sunday morning worship begins at 10:00 in the sanctuary.  Uplifting music, prayers and praises and Kids Connection are all part of the service.  Pastor Kevin’s excellent series on What the Church Believescontinues.   Following worship there is anopportunity for you to delve a bit deeperinto the Sunday message.  Take your coffee with you and meet Pastor in the church parlor!  This is the time to ask questions and learn more about what you believe.  If this time is not convenient, please note that this same study time is available at 6:30 on Wednesday evenings.

Following worship, you are welcome in Veno Hall to enjoy coffee and something to go with it!  While our Hospitality Team is getting in place, we do need YOUR help so we can continue to enjoy this time.  FOR THIS SUNDAY:  we need one person to come shortly after 9:00 to get the coffee going and set the table.  Georgia will be here to show you how set-up is done, but we don’t want Georgia to be the only one knowing how to do these things!   We also need 4 people to contribute a snack or sweet.  You don’t need to be a fancy baker either, just pick up something when you do your grocery shopping and bring it with you on Sunday morning.  We do not need coffee or cream. Please let me know if you are able to help out with these needs.

Kids Connection Fall Collection Kids Connection will be taking offerings during our Sunday morning Rally Time and we will be raising funds to help supportthe additional educational efforts that go along with Operation Christmas Child, helping kids around the world have a chance to take a deeper look at the Gospel Message!  The funds raised will help churches get the materials they need.

Sunday afternoon at 2:00 Steward Hospice will be holding their annual service of remembrance here in our sanctuary.  Everyone is invited to attend.

Young Life Club begins it’s Fall season on Monday evening at 7:27!  Another year of enthusiasm, excitement and high schoolers growing their faith!  Please see Meg with any questions.

RIGHT NOW MEDIA!  Did you know that you have access to great Bible Study, Conference & Kids Video materials for FREE through our Church’s subscription too a great ministry called Right Now Media?  You have received email invitations in the past, and if you have not activated an account yet, you will get a new email in the coming days so you too can have a chance to access this great material at home!  If you want to make sure you have access, email Meg Nelson faithfulmeg@yahoo.com with your email address so you can get access.  Have a friend or family member who might like this?! Send Meg their email address so they can also get an invitation!  Feel free to email Meg with any questions about utilizing this great resource!

Don’t forget…Operation Christmas Child is coming soon!    Look for the display in the Welcome Center on the 25th.  Start gathering those items now!  Remember to choose quality, age appropriate items for the kids.  Check out our Facebook page for a great story about the impact that one shoe box can have.  Additionally, http://www.samaritanspurse.org/  has lots of heartwarming stories and all the details on how to fill your box!

I understand that the three children needing support  through Compassion have all been sponsored!  Thanks to those that stepped forward to support these kids!   We appreciate so much Steve & Cindy making us aware of this special Rescue 3 program through Compassion.

Lots of things to keep track of!  Make note of those things that pertain to you – hope to see you on Sunday.

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