End of January Connection

Hello everyone! Here are the things to keep in mind over the next days.

Saturday is a busy day!  The Women’s Study meets at 9:30 in the Ruth Room across from the office.  Please read Chapter 3.

Following the Women’s Study, Faith Seeds will met with Sue Johnson, also in the Ruth Room.  There may be some changes in the Faith Seeds ministry and Sue is going to go over those things.  We may also have the opportunity to be more involved.  If you are involved in Faith Seeds, please try and be here.

Sunday morning worship begins at 10:00.   Our morning service strives to be an uplifting time as we spend time together worshipping.  We do this in a variety of ways.  Music, prayer, scripture, praises and an encouraging message from Pastor Kevin.   Please read 1st Samuel Chapters 5&6 in preparation for Pastor’s message.  Kids Connection and Nursery Care are in place for the little ones.  As you pray, please remember Pastor Kevin, the Worship Team and all those involved with our service.  We look forward to seeing you!

For the time being, the Prayer Time prior to worship has been discontinued.  However, we encourage you to pray on your own at home for our church, Pastor Kevin and our ministries here.

Also on Sunday…our Annual Meeting will be in Veno Hall following worship.  Please get your coffee and snack and find a seat.  The reports will also be handed out at that time.

Wyld Life Club- Young Life’s monthly offering for middle school will be taking place Saturday the 28th, 7-9pm at a family home at 12 Longwood Ln. in Walpole.  It’s a great time of fun and meeting new friends!

The Under 40 Discussion Group rescheduled last week’s meeting to February 12, (another change)  stay tuned for more dates coming up!

Serving today:
Greeters:  George & Buki
Ushers:  Dottie Cotter, Steve Carter
Kids:  Meg, Barbara, Melanie, Amy
Coffee:  Please stop by before service to help set up, bake a treat to drop off, or stay after to help clean up!

Mid January Connection

Hi everyone, Hope you are having a good day!  Here are the things to have in mind over the next days and weeks.

Saturday morning is our  first WISH Gathering of the year.  All women are invited to Veno Hall at 9:00.  We are having a winter theme with cocoa and  snacks to share.  Lots of things to chat about. We have some work to do on prayer shawls as well.  Hope to see you there!  Ladies – check your emails for updates from Cindy!

Sunday morning begins with Prayer time in the church parlor at about 8:45.  Worship begins at 10:00 in the sanctuary.  It was great to see several new faces and some we haven’t seen in a while last Sunday!  Be sure and greet new folks and invite them for coffee following worship.  Wasn’t the choir GREAT  last Sunday?  Be sure and mention your appreciation to Steve and Chris and the choir as you think of it. I am sure they would appreciate it.

In preparation for Pastor’ message on Sunday, take a look at Pages 133-134 in The Story OR if you prefer, the Bible passage is First Samuel 2:12-17 and chapter 4: 1-22.  Even spending a few minutes ahead of time, will help you on Sunday morning!

It was great to hear new music during the offertory this past Sunday, and we’ll be getting a chance to lift our hearts in praise to the Lord together with this new music this coming Sunday!  Take a listen to this beautiful song (with a little country flare in this version) so when we come together on Sunday, we can lift up this song of praise from the depths of our hearts! Third Day – God of Wonders (w/ Lyrics) 

Our Under 40 Discussion Group will be meeting at 11:30am following worship.  We’re continuing the video series “All the Places to Go”.  Grab coffee and treats in coffee time and come down to the first floor conference room!

The Church Council will meet briefly in the Welcome Center following the service on Sunday.  Please be prompt 🙂

Offering envelopes and financial statements are available in the Welcome Center.  Be sure and stop by the table and pick up your materials.

DON’T FORGET…as Rich mentioned last week, our Annual Meeting is on Sunday, January 29th following worship.  This is an important time.  We review the events and details of the past year and look ahead to 2017.  Please keep in prayer all those who are preparing reports and working many hours to have items available for your review.  Also, be in prayer for our church and all those in attendance as we seek God’s presence and that a spirit of cooperation will be evident.


$25.00 gift cards from Shaws and Big Y are appreciated for those in our community who are in need of assistance.

Prayer request cards are in the pews – please keep that in mind if you have a need you want to share with Pastor Kevin.

Serving on Sunday:
Greeter: Rich & Linda Carter
Ushers;  Bob Russell, Marie Schuhmacher
Kids:  Shannon, Meg, Deb B., Carolyn, Sharon
Coffee Set-up:  If you are able to get an early start, stop by Veno hall to help set up!
Clean-up:  Everyone 🙂
Snacks: Please bring a goodie to share!

Thanks everyone!  See You Sunday!

MLK Weekend Updates

Hi everyone,  Please take a look at this week’s connection and plug in to stay aware of what is going on here at church.  There are lots of little things to make note of.

Remember to take advantage of the opportunity for prayer on Sunday mornings at about 8:45 prior to worship.  Stop by the church parlor and spend some time praying for the needs of the church.  Come and go as you need to.  Worship follows at 10:00.   There are many reasons to be here for worship each week, but I hear that this Sunday you DO NOT WANT TO MISS the choir music!  I don’t know what’s up but I am looking forward to it!   Pastor’s series from The Story continues.  Please read pages 129-133 OR Chapter 3 of First Samuel in preparation.  It is a great help to spend some time reading before Sunday’s message.  Kids Connection, Nursery care, coffee and conversation continue as usual.  Hope to see you here!

Offering envelopes are available on the table in the Welcome Center.  Financial statements for 2016 are prepared for you as well.  Look for Georgia and Elsa on Sunday  – they should have them for you.

Please keep  remember that we have several homebound friends and others who are unable to be with us on a regular basis.  I know a call or card would brighten their days.  Please give me a call in the office if you need contact information and I can help you with that.

We keep prayer request cards in the pews – please use them if you have a request.  Sometimes it is difficult to hear on Sunday mornings.  Or maybe you don’t feel comfortable speaking out.  That is fine 🙂  Jot down your request and place in the offering plate.  We can add it to the prayer list that goes out weekly or if you prefer, we do not include it.

As we’ve entered that dreaded season, here’s a reminder about where to get information in case we cancel programs or services due to weather.  We will post closures on Channel 5 WCVB, the facebook page, and will send an email to the church mailing list. There will also be a message on the church phone (781.762.2589).  If Norwood Schools are closed on a Wednesday, there will be no Open Door Supper.

Our Under 40 Discussion Group will be meeting after church on Sunday the 22nd.  We’ll continue with the video series “All the Places to Go”.  Grab some coffee and treats at coffee time and come on down to the conference room on the first floor for a great time together!  If you’ve missed the first two- no worries! If you want to catch up, all the material is available for viewing through our Right Now Media access!

In this cold season of the year, don’t forget that we have a wonderful resource for everyone in the church to get connected to Christian study and learning material. Your access to Right Now Media allows you to find all sorts of video content from Bible Studies, keynote sessions from major conferences, youth devotionals, and all sorts of Kids programming!  You can watch on your computer, with a ROKU device on your TV, or with their mobile device application! This is also a great resource to share with your friends beyond the church!  Simply share their email address with Meg, faithfulmeg@yahoo.com.  Also, if you need a new activation email for yourself- let Meg know!  Don’t miss out on this great gift the church has invested in for you!

The Ministry Boards will be put back up in Veno Hall in the next few weeks.  This is a good place to get current information on each of the teams.  Ministry Team leaders are asked to please give some thought and planning and update your board with exciting, eye-catching new items!

A group of us will be getting together to chat about how we might better present our church to the community in a way that will bring people in the door.  Interested?  See Pastor Kevin or Silpa.

Our Open Door continues to meet a real need in our community.  The meals for the next several weeks are posted on the board outside of the kitchen.  Please take a look and if there is a food item you would like to contribute towards a meal, jot your name down and then speak to Georgia or Marie.  They can fill you in on the details.

Don’t forget:  Moms and Tots meets on Thursday the 19th at 11:00 in the Nursery.  Meg would love to see lots of Moms and little ones join her!

WISH Gathering is on Saturday the 21st at 9:00 in Veno Hall.  We will be enjoying a winter theme with hot cocoa and snacks, working on our Prayer Shawls and chatting about the WISH table Fair results.  All women welcome!

Council members are reminded that there will be a meeting following worship on the 22nd to approve the 2017 budget.

Serving Sunday:
Greeter – Sandy H.
Ushers – Bev A., Marie
Kids:  Marie, Angela, Scott, Jenna, Silpa
Coffee:  Help is ALWAYS needed.  Especially for clean-up and set-up.  Please take a look at the sign-up sheets near the kitchen.

And that is all for now.  I think. Enjoy your weekend, and may we remember the great example of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as he followed God’s call on his life to spread a message of Christ’s peace, hope, and reminding us that every human being is created in the image of the Lord, our Creator.  Consider how you might be able to contribute to this legacy through random acts of kindness and service in the days ahead!

New Year Updates!

Hi everyone, I hope you have enjoyed a great first week of January!  As we get back into our normal routine here, please keep these things in mind.

Saturday at 11:00am – our Moms and Tots group will meet here in the Nursery space.  A good opportunity for Moms and little ones to get out and spend some time getting to know each other.  All moms welcome!

Sunday at 8:45 Prayer Time happens in the parlor at the front of the Welcome Center.  As I mentioned previously Yuniya is set aside for the next month or so.  Marie Schuhmacher will be facilitating this time of prayer – it would be great for more folks to schedule this opportunity into Sunday plans.  This time is to specifically pray for our church and it’s ministries.  Starting your day with prayer is never a mistake and is always good time management!

Worship begins at 10:00 in the sanctuary.  Pastor will be continuing his messages from “The Story.”  If you are following along, please read Chapter 10 in the book which is pages 129-131.  In addition if you prefer to read from your Bible, please read Chapter 1 of First Samuel.  A great goal for this year is to be more intentional about spending time growing your faith. Reading The Story is a perfect place to start – we still have copies available on the table in the back of the church.  Please help yourself!    We look forward to great music, praise and prayer needs being raised, Kids Connection and coffee time following worship.  What we need is…YOU.  Please plan on being here for worship – we miss you when you are not here!

Please note that the Women’s Study will NOT meet on January 14th.  We WILL meet on January 28th at 9:30 in the Ruth Room.  Please read Chapter 3 in preparation.

On a pretty regular basis, we hear from folks in the community who are having financial challenges.  For a variety of reasons we do not typically  give cash to people who do not have a church connection here.  However, we do want to offer them something both to assist them and to assure them that we do care for them and the difficult time they are going through.  We would like to be able to have gift cards for groceries on hand in the office.  If this is something you would like to assist with, we would appreciate $25.00 gift cards to either Shaws or Big Y.  Both of those stores are in good locations for people to get to.  Our last gift card that we have held in the office is being picked up by someone today so your help would be welcome.

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday,  January 29th following worship.  We will meet in Veno Hall.  All reports must be in the office by January 22nd.  If you are unsure if you need to prepare a report, please speak with Barbara  Sweeny.

Serving Sunday:
Greeter:  Barbara Sulfaro
Ushers:  Russ & Donna Wood
Kids:  Shannon, Meg, Sandy, Debby S., Sydney
Coffeetime:  Please considering coming by a little bit early to help set up, stay after to clean up, or bring a treat with you!  There’s a sign-up sheet in the hallway leading to Veno Hall!

Thanks for reading – see you on Sunday!