End of January Connection

Hello everyone! Here are the things to keep in mind over the next days.

Saturday is a busy day!  The Women’s Study meets at 9:30 in the Ruth Room across from the office.  Please read Chapter 3.

Following the Women’s Study, Faith Seeds will met with Sue Johnson, also in the Ruth Room.  There may be some changes in the Faith Seeds ministry and Sue is going to go over those things.  We may also have the opportunity to be more involved.  If you are involved in Faith Seeds, please try and be here.

Sunday morning worship begins at 10:00.   Our morning service strives to be an uplifting time as we spend time together worshipping.  We do this in a variety of ways.  Music, prayer, scripture, praises and an encouraging message from Pastor Kevin.   Please read 1st Samuel Chapters 5&6 in preparation for Pastor’s message.  Kids Connection and Nursery Care are in place for the little ones.  As you pray, please remember Pastor Kevin, the Worship Team and all those involved with our service.  We look forward to seeing you!

For the time being, the Prayer Time prior to worship has been discontinued.  However, we encourage you to pray on your own at home for our church, Pastor Kevin and our ministries here.

Also on Sunday…our Annual Meeting will be in Veno Hall following worship.  Please get your coffee and snack and find a seat.  The reports will also be handed out at that time.

Wyld Life Club- Young Life’s monthly offering for middle school will be taking place Saturday the 28th, 7-9pm at a family home at 12 Longwood Ln. in Walpole.  It’s a great time of fun and meeting new friends!

The Under 40 Discussion Group rescheduled last week’s meeting to February 12, (another change)  stay tuned for more dates coming up!

Serving today:
Greeters:  George & Buki
Ushers:  Dottie Cotter, Steve Carter
Kids:  Meg, Barbara, Melanie, Amy
Coffee:  Please stop by before service to help set up, bake a treat to drop off, or stay after to help clean up!

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