First Connection of February!

Hope you are enjoying your week!  Sometimes I have lots of news for you to keep in mind.  This is one of those weeks – be sure and make note of those things that you are interested in!  None of them will interfere with Super Bowl viewing 🙂

Sunday morning worship begins at 10:00.  I hope you find our worship service an encouraging time that prepares you for the week ahead.  We try to create that  through great music – from our Praise Team, choir and congregation,  a time for you to share your praises and concerns, and Pastor’s timely message as he continues with his series from “The Story”.  Please read First Samuel Chapter 6, verse 19  through Chapter 7 verse 2 in preparation.  Our Kids Connection is in place for little ones.  Nursery care is provided.  Coffee time follows in Veno Hall.  We’ll be looking for you at 10:00!

As you should be aware, Faith Seeds is a ministry that several of our women are involved in.  We would like to add to that number!   At this start of a new year perhaps you are looking for a place where you can volunteer some time and make a difference.  Faith Seeds may fit that need.  This is a ministry to incarcerated women.  These women are interested in taking Bible Correspondence classes to either grow their faith or they have little faith experience and they are looking to learn more.  This is where we step in.   The main office of Faith Seeds sends the initial lesson to an  inmate.  Once a woman has completed that lesson, it is returned for “correction.”  Don’t let this scare you!  You do not need to be a Biblical scholar!  The majority of the time, our job is to simply encourage the women, let them know they are answering questions well and give them some positive comments.  We do not sign our name to anything – we remain anonymous in the eyes of these women.  But we are not anonymous to God and this is a ministry that I think He has blessed greatly.  We would love to have other women join us.  There are no dues, meetings or committees!  You do need a pen, a quiet place to work and your Bible.  Each lesson takes maybe 10 minutes to correct – some of them even less than that.  But this is time well spent and truthfully You will be encouraged from these women.  You can take as many or as few lessons to work on as you would like.    Some weeks we receive no lessons to do – other weeks we receive quite a few.  I prepare the lessons as I receive them so when you get a lesson, your part literally takes a very brief amount of time.  Interested in learning more, please speak to me or Deb Eagles.  Thanks for considering this!


Wyld Life Middle School Club:  This great gathering is taking place earlier in the month taking February Vacation into account.  It will be taking place Saturday Feb. 11 at 7pm at a family home in Walpole- contact Meg for additional info.  This is an awesome experience for all in grades 6-8 to have a “wyld” (The YL is for Young Life) night of fun and making new friends!

Our Under 40 Discussion Group will meet following worship on February 12th, this change reflected the schedules of many of the participants.  We’ll also try to meet again on the 26th.

Our annual Family Date Time will take place Sunday February 19th.  We’ll meet for lunch at the Papa Gino’s in the Walpole Mall.  From there there’s fun for all ages in the mall via the arcade, play area, and sweet treats in the Barnes & Noble Cafe.  This is a great time for families to have their own special group date in honor of Valentine’s Day, to kick off school vacation week!

If you are on a ministry group and have announcements you would like to see on our social media, or on the announcement slides before worship please send all of the content to Meg my emailing her  If you have pictures of life and ministry here at the church you think would be great to share online please send them to Meg as well!  Please be sure you have permission from the people in the photos (or parents of kids) before you pass them along!  We want to keep our online presence fresh and exciting, and we need everyone’s help to do that well!

Looking far ahead…We received approval to have an Easter Sunrise Service at 6:30am on the town square across from the church!  Easter falls on April 16th this year.  Following the service we will be inviting everyone to come across the street and enjoy breakfast here in Veno Hall.  Please keep this in your prayers and on your schedule!  We will be looking for quite a bit of help for breakfast and other areas.  More details to follow.

Check out the bulletin boards for details on “Facing Darkness” – a movie from Samaritans Purse being shown in theaters on March 30th only.  This is the true story of Dr. Kent Brantly who was infected with the ebola virus while serving in West Africa.  A story of faith and a miracle as Dr. Brantly was healed.  As of now, the only place to view this movie locally is in Natick – subject to change as more theaters are added.

Be sure and look at the Resource table and racks for January updates from Samaritans Purse and Our Daily Bread.  Both have timely stories that will resonate with you!

Copies of the ANNUAL REPORT are available in the Welcome Center and Veno Hall.  If you were not here last week, pick up a copy and see what has happened during 2016.

Please let our office know if you have had any changes to your contact information.  We like to keep that as up top date as possible and would like to be aware of any changes.  Thanks!

Serving on Sunday:
Ushers/Greeters:  Dot Cotter, Marie Schuhmacher, Rich Carter, Steve Carter
Kids:  Meg, Deb Sirkowski
Coffee Set-up:  Laurie Ahern
Coffee Clean-up:  Cindy Rudolph, Barbara Sweeny
Snacks:  Penny, Roger, Joe, Janna


As mentioned last week, we need more folks to step in and help out with setting up and cleaning up coffee time.  Not hard to do – directions available in the kitchen and/or ask someone on Sunday!

That’s all for now – hope to see you on Sunday!

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