Early March Connection

Greetings! We hope these updates find you well!  As always, if you need anything from the office, don’t hesitate to contact us!

For those of you who were here last Sunday, I am sure you were blessed by meeting Ben & Olivia Ruhl.  I hope you took the time to greet them during coffee.  Ben’s message was from 1 Thessalonians and focused on how we should live after meeting Christ.  This Sunday, Ben will be with us once again and continue that theme.  I hope you will be here!  Communion will not be offered this Sunday, but Communion Sunday will be next Sunday, the 12th. Kids Connection and our usual coffee time are both in place for this Sunday.

Young Life starts up again on Monday evening at 7:27 on the top floor.  Do you know of a high schooler who could benefit from some great friends and encouraging times?  .  Speak with Meg if you have any questions.

The BLOOM (Teen Challenge) fund raiser will be next Saturday, March 11th in Wareham.  We have quite a few ladies going to this.  We would love for you to join us!  Tickets are $25.00  Please give me a call in the office if you need details.

Also on March 11th...Moms and Tots at 11:00am at Meg’s home and  WYLD Life Middle School Club at 7:00 in Walpole.  See Meg for details on both of these times.

COUNCIL MEMBERS:  There will be a brief meeting of the Council, NEXT Sunday, March 12th following worship.  Get your coffee and meet in the Welcome Center.  This meeting is going to address the Easter Sunrise Service and breakfast on April 16th.

You may have noticed that we have had many folks laid aside in the past month or 2 for a variety of health concerns.  As a result, we are short on folks able to both greet or usher.  Dot Cook does the scheduling for this and would welcome some new volunteers!  You are already going to be here so please help out!  Only requirement is to be here about 15 minutes prior to worship and smile !  Contact the office if you can help.

As we enter this Lenten season and approach Easter, there are many great books, devotionals (kids and adults), music etc. availablehttp://www.christianbook.com/  has regular weekly specials that are worth taking a look at.  There are many other resources as well.  Give the office a call and we can point you in the right direction.

Janna just received information on a Max Lucado study that you might want to consider.  You may know that Max is a best-selling Christian author who is a favorite of many.  His simple, practical approach to faith makes him easy to follow and enjoy!  Take a look at his free Lenten/Easter study at  churchsource.com/hechosethenails.  Looks great!

As we’ve mentioned, we have many people sick with colds, flu and other ailments.  Please keep your church family in prayer!  And if you notice someone hasn’t been around, give them a call and let them know they are missed!

If you weren’t able to join us for our Ash Wednesday Reflection, here’s a link with material provided to help us center our hearts in Christ as we enter into the season leading up to Holy Week.  There’s Scripture, prayers, song lyrics, and links to music- You’ll have to provide your own silence!  You can go through this material in one longer sitting, or over a few days.  Here’s the link: Ash Wednesday Reflection

Serving on Sunday:
Ushers:  Bob Russell, Marie Schuhmacher
Kids:  Shannon, Meg, Deb B., Carolyn, Debbie S.
Coffee Set-up:  Laurie
Coffee Clean-up: Please consider staying for a few moments to help clean up!
Snacks:  Janna & others

I think that is all for now.  Hope you enjoy your day! See you on Sunday!

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