Mid-March Connection

Here are some of the things to keep in mind as you move through the next days and weeks.

Saturday is a busy day!

Moms & Tots will be meeting at Meg’s house in Foxboro at 11am Saturday.  Pack a lunch, and bring a treat to share!

THE BLOOM Teen Challenge Chocolate Party Fundraiser begins at 2:00 in Wareham.  We have about a dozen women heading to this.  If you are interested in attending, give the office a call today and we can make those arrangements for you.  The cost is $25

Wyld Life middle school club will be meeting at 7pm Saturday at a family home in Walpole.  Contact Meg for info!

Don’t forget to Spring forward!  Change your clocks before you head to bed on Saturday night!

I am glad to say that Pastor Kevin and Sharon are home safe and sound!  It is good to have Pastor back in the office 🙂  Worship begins at 10:00 on Sunday.  I am sure Pastor is looking forward to seeing everyone.  Communion will be offered during worship.   This is also the Sunday that our Helping Hands collection is received.  You should remember that those funds are used at Pastor’s discretion to help those in need.  Look for the envelope in your Sunday bulletin.  Volunteers for Kids Connection and Nursery are in place for the little ones.

Council members are reminded of the important meeting this Sunday, March 12th, following worship.  Meet in the Welcome Center, please.

In the past weeks, I have mentioned the movie “Facing Darkness.”  This is the story of the Samaritan’s Purse associated physician who contracted Ebola while serving in Africa.  You may recall that God stepped in and performed a miracle and he was healed of this usual deadly virus.  The movie is being shown locally on March 30th.  Another theater has been added – and the movie will be shown at the Braintree Cinema at 7:00pm.  10 miles from church – this may make it easier for you.

Large print edition of Our Daily Bread have arrived.  This covers April – June.  If this is something you typically use, please pick up your copy on the Resource Tables.

There have been some changes in the Marion Rich Fund and how those funds will be dispersed.  For now, please have your requests for reimbursement into the office by Wednesday, March 15th.  I will keep you posted as I am aware.  Please plan on keeping to the same schedule as last year.  Request need to be in the office by March 15th, June 15th, September 15th and November 30th.

Ladies!  Please keep in mind that our next WISH Gathering will be on Saturday, March 18th at 9:00 in Veno Hall.  Check your email for details from Cindy!


As we continue our Kids Connection Offering Collection to raise money to get supplies for St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children; kids will be getting collection jars this Sunday to take home and use during the season of Lent and the early weeks of Eastertide to collect spare change each day, and return on April 30.  Can’t make it this week?  Feel free to decorate a jar of your own at home, or ask Meg to mail you some supplies to make one!

The next Under 40 Discussion Group will be March 19 following worship, in the nursery space, bring down your goodies from coffee time, we’ll have seating for the adults, enhanced sound for the video, all while in a kid-friendly space!

Please take notice of those who have been missing from church in the past weeks!  We have many that are going through various illnesses and other concerns.  A call or card would certainly brighten their days!

Serving on Sunday:
Greeter:  Barbara Sulfaro
Ushers:  Rich Carter, Steve Carter, Dottie Cotter
Kids:  Shannon, Meg, Marie, Scott, Jenna, Melanie
Coffee Set-up:  Joanna & Elsa
Coffee Clean-up: Cindy R.
Snacks:  Roger, Elyse

We think that is all for now – change those clocks and see you on Sunday!

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