Back to Church & More Connection

Autumn in New England!  Haven’t these past few days been picture perfect?  As you plan your time, we have lots of things happening at UCN, so please plan to join in!

The WISH Gathering for this Saturday has been cancelled.  It seems to be a very busy weekend as there were many of the ladies who were unable to attend.  The October date for WISH is October 21st.


National Back to Church/COMPASSION Sunday is upon us! We will be featuring our church’s partnership with Compassion International, where there will be the opportunity for people to consider starting their own journey of child sponsorship.  Don’t forget to remind those you have invited to join you, if you haven’t invited anyone yet, it’s not too late!  We’re looking forward to a great day with uplifting music, gift books for each household, an inspiring message from our pastor, and enjoying great company with great treats during a special coffee time!

Monday evening at 7:00, the Islam Study meets in the Council Room next to the office.  This is the final meeting of this study.  Among other things we will be looking at how we, as Christians living in America, should consider the influx of Muslims into America.

As we get back into the school year routine, our Family News & Notes is back!  It’s important for our whole church family to know about the exciting things going on with our Kids Connection ministry.  This week’s blog post shares about Sunday morning Kids Connection & Nursery Details, as well as provides a link to a great article about facing the back to school season!  Visit United Kids Connection! to check it out! (

OPEN DOOR MEAL FOR September 20th is Meatballs, sauce and pasta.
These are the items needed:
6 large bags of frozen meatballs
4 bags of Romaine heads of lettuce
2 large creamy Caesar dressing
*Any donated items need to be at the church by Sunday.  Thanks for your help!
*Menus for the Open Door are posted outside of the kitchen.  Please take a look and see if there is an item that you can contribute towards a meal.


Donations for Hurricane Relief efforts through the EFCA will be accepted through the end of September.  Please make your checks out to UCN with a note on the memo line.  The church will then send one check to the EFCA.
Please remember that our choir is welcoming new members!  If you are interested in being a part of this vital ministry, please speak to Steve Rudolph.

Young Lives (a branch of Young Life) is a new ministry for teen moms that  Meg is launching.  There was an info meeting here last Monday evening.  Please speak to Meg for additional information.

There is a table in the church narthex that has plenty of good resources for you – Bibles, devotionals, etc.  Please help yourself.  Those are there for you to take and use.
We have new sign-up sheets for coffee time.  3 areas that need volunteers:  set-up, clean-up and snacks.   The sheets will be at the end of the snack area this Sunday.  Please stop and take a look at where you can help out.  We all enjoy this time and we really need some people to step forward and help.

Check out the new window treatments in the Kids Connection spaces – they look great and have really brightened the areas!

Thanks for reading through your weekly connection!  See you at Back-to-Church Sunday!

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