Last September Connection


Time for the mid-week update for Kids Connection Blog! everyone! Please read through your weekly connection and make note of what pertains to you!

Sunday morning worship begins at 10:00 in the sanctuary. Communion will be offered. Our Helping Hands offering is also received on Communion Sundays. Those funds are used at Pastor Kevin’s discretion to help those in financial need both within our church community and the greater Norwood community. Look for the envelope in your bulletin on Sunday if you typically participate in this. Kids Connection is in place. Coffee follows in Veno Hall. The “Under 40” discussion group also meets. See details below from Meg.

Young Life meets on Monday evening at 7:27 on the top floor spaces.

Menus for the next several weeks Open Door dinners are posted outside of the kitchen. Again, please take a look and see what item you could pick up when you are doing your own shopping. Every little bit that is donated is a huge help to all our volunteers.
The meal for next Wednesday, October 4th is Pulled Chicken. These are the items needed for that meal:
6 large bottles Honey BBQ Sauce
4 large bags of Cole Slaw mix
2 bottles Marie’s Cole Slaw Dressing
60 soft bulky rolls
6 Family Size bags of potato chips


The last Meetinghouse Concert of the season will be on Sunday. October 8 at 6:00pm. The featured guests are The Lesters – long time favorites of our Meetinghouse Concerts. I believe The Lesters were one of the original groups that began the concerts. Tickets are available at the door and also prior to the evening. Please call the church office if you are interested in tickets. I can give you the details.


Tuesday, October 17th is a big day in the life of our church. Our affiliation with the Evangelical Free Church of America will be made official at the annual district meeting in Westfield Massachusetts and we are looking for some folks from our church to trip down to Westfield… celebrate and make a good impression! The plan is to car-pool (so you don’t have to worry about driving) – leaving Norwood at about 1:30 in the afternoon of the 17th, for the welcome ceremony… meet some folks from other Evangelical Free Churches in New England and then drive home. Look for a sign-up sheet in Veno Hall to indicate your interest.

We are extremely grateful that 4 child sponsorship packets were taken in response to Compassion Sunday. This is especially incredible when we consider how many people in our church are already active in sponsoring children around the world! If you did take one of those packets, please communicate this with the church office if you haven’t already. We want to make sure we know where all our packets went as we communicate back with Compassion International. Remember all packets need to be filled out and received by Compassion International by October 24th at the latest. Thanks for this beautiful generosity!


Our Under 40 Discussion Group will be starting back up with a new series after church this Sunday, and we’d love anyone to come join us! We can make accommodations for anyone who might have little ones in tow with them. Contact Meg at or 978-979-8486 if you have any questions!


We continue to share info for our families each week on the kids connection blog. This week we have a tip for engaging faith at home as well as a link to processing the start of the school year with your families! Check out United Kids Connection! to take a look!


Barbara Sweeny did some straightening out and reorganizing of the Coffee Hour closet. We are in need of regular size hot cups for Sunday coffee hour. If a few people could pick those up when you are doing your grocery shopping, that would be very helpful! The coffee hour closet is designated to hold supplies for coffee time and church functions that require paper goods. Please do not use it for storage of other items. Also, the sign-up sheets for coffee time are now located on a table at the end of the Sunday snack tables – please take a look at where you can help out.


We are still in need of a couple volunteers to clean the candlelighters used on Sunday mornings. Please speak to Pastor or call the office for details. We also need some one to clean the candle holders that are on the altar. Over time they collect wax drippings etc and they are due for a good cleaning. Same thing – please see Pastor or call the office.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the EFCA Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts. We will be sending our contribution later this week. There is still time for you to make a donation if you are interested – please call the office and let us know. To date the EFCA has received $920,157 which has been contributed by 2147 churches and donors. What a blessing this will be to our sister churches in Texas! Thank you for your support.


Serving Sunday:
Ushers/Greeters: Georgia Shaw, Dot Cotter, Steve Carter
Kids: Meg, Silpa, Deb E.
Coffee Set-up: preliminary work is done on Friday, but someone needs to get things together on Sunday morning
Snacks: Elsa, Gene, Joyce
Coffee Clean-up: Deb Eagles.



I think that is all for now – looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

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