First November Connection!

Hello everyone, I guess it was bound to happen – that cold air has arrived.  We have lots of activities to keep you moving around so please read through your connection!

Moms & Tots will be meeting Saturday at 11am here in the Church nursery space.  Bring a snack to share and items for an indoor picnic!

The Women’s Study also meets Saturday morning at 9:00 in the Ruth Room across from the office.

Sunday is a full day with worship beginning at 10:00 in the sanctuary.  Saturday is Veteran’s Day and we will be having a time to honor our veterans at the beginning of worship.  This is our first collection Sunday for the shoeboxes.  Next Sunday, the 19th, is our final Sunday.  Both the Mary Study and the Under 40 group meet during coffee time this Sunday.  Details in the Sunday bulletin.

There will be an important meeting of the Church Council this Sunday, November 12th.  Please gather in the Welcome Center following worship.

Young Life meets on Monday evening at 7:27 – open to all high schoolers.

Fair Meeting is Tuesday evening at 7:30 at Janna’s home in Sharon.  Please speak to Barbara Sweeny with any questions.

Our Open Door volunteers will be serving a full Thanksgiving dinner next Wednesday evening.  Thank you to everyone who is contributing needed food!  The only items that are still needed are:
5 pounds of butternut squash (I think the preference is the type that is already peeled)
frozen peas – 2 of the very large bags (available at Shaws)  or 8 of the regular size bags.

Please let Georgia or Marie know if you are able to supply either of these items.  OR see the sign-up outside of the kitchen.

PIE DAY is just around the corner.  Look for the sign-up sheet on Sunday morning.  I am not sure where it will be located but keep an eye out or see Cindy Rudolph.  Pies will be made here on the 18th and will be available on the 19th for pick-up during coffee time.

The Christmas Fair is coming Dec 2nd – It is a great way to get to know one another and to reach out to our community as the body of Christ.  Please look for the sign-up table on Sunday in the Welcome Center to sign up to help, to make a raffle basket, or to bake.  There are lots of ways you can be a blessing!  You can bless your home and the church by getting rid of clean used items for the treasures room.  We can take books, household items, toys, extra Christmas decorations and more – but no TV’s, computers, microwaves or clothing please!  We would appreciate your holding onto your collections until the week before the Fair.  Please be in touch with me if you have suggestions, ideas or questions ( ~ Barbara Sweeny

If you can help out with delivering the Christmas shoeboxes to Sharon next Sunday afternoon (the 19th), please speak to Janna or give the office a call.  They get dropped off at a church near the center of town.

Our Young Adult Discussion Group will be meeting at 11:15 am after worship with part 3 of our study!  Even if you’ve missed the first two, you’ll be able to jump right in, so come join us, it’s been a great study so far.

Each year, our Kids raise money through an offering collection, and this year we’ll be collecting to buy a share of a sewing machine for a woman in need in a developing nation.  You can read more about it on our Kids Connection Blog:

Serving Sunday:
Greeter:  Barbara Sulfaro
Ushers:  Donna & Russ Wood
Kids:  Meg, Deb B., Melanie
Coffee Set-up: Laurie A.
Snacks:  Elsa, Janna,
Coffee Clean-up:  Tim Nelson

I think that is plenty for now – looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!
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