First December Connection

Hi everyone,  Hope you are having a good week.  It certainly is busy around our church!

The Christmas Fair is upon us! I hope to see you on Saturday, Dec 2nd.  Even if you haven’t signed up, we can find you a place on Saturday – working together as a family is what makes the Fair fun for all. We want to share the joy of Christ with all who enter. And if you are unable to help, feel free to come by and shop, visit, and enjoy some of Sharon’s famous turkey soup for lunch!  There will also be a bridal & formal wear bargain basement sale by Thistle Rose Bridal on our lower level! Spread the word!

I don’t think Barbara would mind if I mentioned that there is still plenty to be done Saturday to get things cleaned up set up after the Fair.  If you have time on your hands  – feel free to stop by the church at 3pm. There will be plenty to do!

Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent and a Communion Sunday.  Being with your church family is a wonderful way to begin the Christmas season.  It is easy to get overwhelmed when there are so many demands on your schedule, but time spent in worship is time well spent!  Great singing, music from our choir, Advent readings and an encouraging message from Pastor await you.  Kids Connection and coffee are both in place.  Hope to see you!

Young Life meets on Monday evening at 7:27 on the top floor.

Look for the insert in your bulletin on Sunday regarding poinsettias for the sanctuary.  The cost remains the same as previous years.  $12.00.  Poinsettias will arrive at the church on December 22nd.  If someone is available to deliver  them to some of our homebound friends, please give the office a call  We would like to get them delivered BEFORE Christmas.  Thanks.

LOOKING AHEAD…we are excited that our sanctuary will be welcoming a Latino Community Music Event on December 10th.  3:00-4:30.  Omar Medina has met with the Church Council and is excited about reaching out to our Norwood community in this way!  I have already heard that some of our congregation will be coming too – please feel free to join us!

The “Under 40” discussion group meets on Sunday, December 10th during coffee time.  This is the final meeting of this group.

Marion Rich requests are due in the church office by December 10th please.

December 6th Open Door meal needs:   Check out the menu on the board outside the kitchen please if you want to help contribute.

Serving Sunday:
Greeters/Ushers:  Bev A., Steve C., Georgia, Marie P-L.
Kids:  Marie, Melanie, Janna
Coffee Set-up: Please take a moment to stop by before worship to ensure everything is set and ready to go!  Much will likely be done during fair clean-up.
Coffee Snacks: We might have leftover goodies for sale left from the fair, but please bring by a treat to share!
Coffee Clean-up: Please consider staying for a few moments to help clean-up after coffee time!

That is all we have for you – hope to see you at the Fair and again on Sunday!
fair preview

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