Christmas Weekend Connection

Good Morning, At this busy time of year I just want to remind you of a few things to have in mind over the next days.  

Christmas Family worship begins at 10:00 on Sunday morning.  Please be with us as we sing carols, hear from our choir and celebrate Christmas as a church family.  Following worship, coffee and warm beverages will be available in the fellowship hall.

Sunday evening at 10:00 is our Candlelight Christmas Eve service.  This is always a beautiful service and we hope you will join us as we usher in Christmas Day.  Once again, Felice Pomeranz will be our guest harpist, our choir will be singing, readings of the Christmas story and of course, the congregation will light candles for the closing of the service and “Silent Night.”

We are in need of folks to help out after worship on Sunday with putting up the candelabras for the Christmas Eve service.  A few extra hands will make the task much faster and will be a huge help to Scott.  Gather at the front of the sanctuary following worship if you are able to help out.

Also, I was planning on asking for volunteers to deliver a few poinsettias Sunday after church, if someone would be willing to drop off a plant to some of the Norwood/Westwood folks.  See me on Sunday if you can help out with this.

Just in time…we received “The Hope of Christmas” today.  This little devotional offers 10 short passages on the Hope that Christ offers us.  Be sure and pick them up on Sunday from the Resource tables.  These are also great to hand out to others or include with a gift.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped out with Wednesday’s Open Dinner Christmas dinner.  More than 60 people were served a wonderful meal, had great conversation and received “The Hope of Christmas.”  Thank you to everyone who helped out in any way with the evening!

Please plan to be with us on December 31st.  In addition to starting off the New Year with your church family, we will be having a special coffee time to wish Meg, Tim and Colin all the best as they move on in their ministry.

Next week’s meal is Beef Stroganoff.  These are the items that are needed:
12 boxes egg noodles
10 pounds ground beef
10 large cans cream of mushroom soup
6 heads Romaine lettuce
Please sign up on the boards outside the kitchen if you are bale to provide any items.  Or…speak to Georgia or Marie on Sunday please.


Serving Sunday:
Greeter:  Marie Schuhmacher
Ushers:  Georgia Shaw, Bob Russell
Coffee time:  All set

That is all for now – We look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning!
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