Pre- New Year’s Connection

Hello!  Well, the weather outside is certainly frosty!  Stay warm and read through your weekly connection 🙂    We hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Day and are looking forward to the New Year ahead!

Sunday worship is at 10:00 in the sanctuary and it will be great to be together to start the year ahead as a church family.  We will continue celebrating the Christmas season with carol singing, the sanctuary is full of beautiful poinsettias (still looking great despite the cold!), the Christ Candle will be lit and you can enjoy the warmth of worshipping together.

 We will also be having a special coffee time for the Nelson family as they end their time of ministry here.  Be sure and be here!

I want to mention that the side parking lot on Nahatan Street is quite slippery – that area seems to stay very cold with not a lot of sun.  And with this extreme cold, not a lot of melting is going on.  For Sunday morning, parking in the back of the church and or the municipal lot is a better choice as those areas seem less icy.    Walk carefully!

A brand new study on the Book of Daniel starts on Sunday, January 7th
The Book of Daniel has it all.
Prophecy and history…
Men of courage and foolish kings…
God’s sovereign power demonstrated…
Past, present and future…
An understanding of Daniel is absolutely for understanding the apocalyptic writings of the New Testament (for example the Book of Revelation).
We will meet on Sunday evenings (from 5 pm to about 6:15) at the church.  Homemade soup and bread will be served at every study.



Ladies!  Faith Seeds lessons will be available next week for pick -up.  I have quite a few so any and all help will be appreciated!

As was mentioned in church last Sunday, the Open Door volunteers served over 60 people last week!  What a blessing to be able to provide a hearty meal, good conversation and a warm space to those who attended!  As our numbers continue to grow, we are looking for more volunteers to help out both on Wednesday evening and with food donations for each week’s meals.  
Next Wednesday’s meal is:  Beef Stroganoff and these are the items needed for that meal:
12 boxes of bow tie pasta
10 pounds of ground beef
10 large cans of cream of mushroom soup
4 large containers of sour cream
6 heads Romaine lettuce
Dessert – Shannon, Marie, Elyse, Janna and Bev

Please take a look at the Resource Tables around the church.  There are many items that you may find interesting to read and pass along or keep and use for yourself.  Some very user friendly versions of the Bible, the new Daily Bread – regular and large print editions, magazines and newsletters and 2 different Christmas devotionals are there as well.  The message of these is timeless and these are certainly materials to use as you consider regular personal prayer and devotional times.  Something to think about as we turn the page to 2018.


The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 11th during coffee time.  PLEASE PLAN NOW to attend this important meeting!  And if you are preparing a report…and I hope you are…those need to be in the office by February 2nd please.

Serving Sunday:
Greeters: George & Buki
Ushers:  Dot Cotter and ? 
Kids:  Meg 
Coffee Set-up: Preliminary will be done on Friday
Snacks: Please bring a snack to share
Coffee Clean-up: please take a moment before you leave to help the clean-up crew! 
That’s  all for now.  Looking forward to a great 2018 in our church family here.  Thank you for being a faithful part of our church!  Please be in touch with any need that we can help you with. Thanks!

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