Mid-August Connection

And it’s that time of the week again…please make note of the things to have in mind as you plan your time!

Sunday is a full day!  Worship begins at 10:00.  Always a great way to start your weekend! Kids Connection is in place for the younger ones.  New members will be welcomed into the church during the worship service. Coffee time follows in Veno Hall.  Church members are reminded of the meeting that will be held during coffee time in Veno Hall.  This is to vote on proposed by law changes for our EFCA affiliation.  Hope to see you there!

Be sure and take a look at the table in the church entry on your way into church.  We have a few Bibles – some new and some gently used – help yourself!  There are a few copies of The Story and also a few soft-covered New Testaments.  All those are yours for the taking.  Be sure and take a look at the Resource Table and the racks in the Welcome  Center and  Veno Hall.  We try to keep those full of encouraging relevant reading materials for you to take along.

The Islam Study will meet on Monday evening (August 14th) in the Council Room at 7:00.

As the start of the school year draws near, there are a few needs that must be filled in order to ensure we can continue to offer Kids Connection on Sunday mornings throughout the school year.  We need two people to join our team of volunteers to work with our elementary aged kids one Sunday a month.  We’ll provide training and a time of shadowing other volunteers to help ease into the role!  We also need one more person to join our rotation of nursery volunteers who provide care and activity for our toddlers on a once a month basis.  This ministry is crucial to helping shine the light of God’s love to our kids and families!  Contact Meg if you want to learn more!

 Since the July trip to an outdoor movie was such a blast, we’re going to be doing it again in August!  Wednesday August 16th we’ll be meeting up as a group to enjoy the festivities at Patriot Place for another family movie night under the stars!  Festivities begin around 6pm.  Getting there by 7pm will ensure we can get seats in a good spot. The movie usually starts around 8pm.  Pack some snacks and a lawn chair.  Please RSVP to Meg by August 14. faithfulmeg@yahoo.com

Our very own Chris Marinuzzi was featured this week on the new Boston NBC affiliate www.nbcboston.com.   There was a video segment “The Cup is the Canvas at Ogawa Coffee in Boston”  and yes indeed it features Chris as the latte artist.  Be sure and check it out!


August 20th – After a July break, our next Meetinghouse Concert will be on the 20th featuring The Perrys.   A great and FUN evening of wonderful music.  Tickets are available at the door for $20.  The evening begins at 6:00

August 23rd – The Open Door will be reopening on September 6th.  In order to be ready…there will be a BIG kitchen clean-up done on Wednesday the 23rd at 10:00.  Your help is needed to get things cleaned up and organized prior to the start of the Open Door.

August 27th – Nursery and Kids Team Rally on the 27th, following worship, from 11:30-1:30.  This is for all those involved with Kids Connection ministries.  Questions ? Please see Meg

Serving on Sunday
Greeter:  Elsa Johnson
Ushers: Bev Alty, Marie Pierre-Louis
Kids:  Shannon, Roger, Janna
Coffee Set-up on Sunday morning:  (basics are already done)
Snacks:  CAKE and ?
Coffee Clean-up:  Deb E. & Lorena

Thanks for being a part of our church family here.  Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

First August Connection!

Hello everyone,  Summer is flying right on by and here comes August!  Hope you are finding time for some well deserved R&R.  Plenty of things  are happening here at UCN too!

Sunday worship begins at 10:00.  Many thanks to Meg for handling all of last Sunday’s responsibilities while Pastor Kevin was away.  Pastor and Sharon will be back with us this Sunday.  Communion will be offered, our Helping Hands offering will be received, the choir will be singing and there will be a time for prayers, praises, singing and coffee time.  Kids Connection is in place for the younger ones.  Coffee time follows in Veno Hall – is there a time when you can help out with coffee time?  Check the sign-up sheets please!

Council Members are reminded of the quick meeting following worship on Sunday in the Welcome Center.  Having said that,  this meeting may have to be changed, so keep an eye on your email for an update.

It’s not too late to become an “official”  church member!  There will be a brief meeting of those interested in taking this next faith step on Sunday following worship in the Welcome Center.  Can’t be here?  Please speak to Pastor Kevin or give the office a call at 781.762.2589.  New members will be welcomed on August 13th during the morning worship service. )

The Islam Study will meet on Monday evening at 7:00 in the Council Room next to the church offices.  It has been great to see so many participants – please feel free to join us!

Since the July trip to an outdoor movie was such a blast, we’re going to be doing it again in August!  Wednesday August 16th we’ll be meeting up as a group to enjoy the festivities at Patriot Place for another family movie night under the stars!  Festivities begin around 6pm.  Getting there by 7pm will ensure we can get seats in a good spot. The movie usually starts around 8pm.  Pack some snacks and a lawn chair.  Please RSVP to Meg by August 14. faithfulmeg@yahoo.com

We have an all-church meeting planned for Sunday,  August 13th at coffee time.  The purpose of the meeting is to vote on proposed by-law changes in regards to our affiliation with the EFCA.  Please plan on being here for this important meeting.    And because we will also be welcoming new members that Sunday… I hear there will be cake 🙂

After a break during July, we are looking forward to the next Meetinghouse Concert on Sunday, August 20th at 6pm here in our air-conditioned sanctuary!  The Perrys will be the featured group that evening.  “Experience the joy of Southern Gospel music:  Harmony! Energy! Personality! Message!”  Tickets are available at the door.  This is always a great evening – plan to be here!

Did you see the sign on the front lawn of the church?  We are looking for those used backpacks to continue the Blessing Bag ministry.  With kids getting ready to go back to school, this is a great time to keep an eye out at yard sales or check with your friends and family.  This is a continual need  – thanks to everyone who has helped out!

The Open Door has been on their well-deserved summer break but we are starting to gear up for reopening on September 6th.  Due to some changes in other meal ministries around the area, we are expecting a larger turnout each Wednesday.  Be sure and read the insert in your Sunday bulletin for all the details for how you can be involved.  We will be looking for additional help to prepare food, serve meals and clean up.  The menus will be posted outside of the kitchen so that we can have volunteers to help with food donations as well.  Please note that if you are able to donate a food item for the meal, those donations MUST be at the church on the Sunday prior to the meal.  Please think about how you can be involved in this great outreach ministry!  Georgia or Marie will be happy to answer your questions 🙂

WISH ladies!  We received a beautiful note from BLOOM today!  I am posting it on the WISH board in Veno Hall.  Be sure and stop by and read it!

Serving on Sunday:
Greeters & Ushers:  Marie Schuhmacher. Dot Cotter, Georgia Shaw
Kids:  Meg, SIlpa, Barbara Sweeny
Coffee Set-up:  Please consider coming in a bit early to check-in on set up! 
Snacks – Elsa’s bringing bagels! – THANKS!  We’d love if someone else could bring a little something as well!  
Coffee Clean-up:  Please take time to help with our clean-up crew Sunday! 

We think that is enough for now.  Thanks you for being an important part of our church family!

End of July Connection

Hello everyone,  Hope you are enjoying your day!   We want to mention a few things to keep in mind as you plan your days.

Do you know we have some very gifted people in our church family?  We do!!  As I become aware, I like to spread the word so that we can support each other.  We have 2 opportunities to indulge your sweet tooth!  The first is with Silpa.  I learned this morning that Silpa is at the Walpole Farmers Market on Saturdays through October 7th from 9-1.  Silpa is offering her cupcakes and cake slices for sale. The Farmer’s Market is off of Route 27 not too far from the Blessed Sacrament School.  Why not stop by?  The second reminder is that Rachel’s Cake & Confections page can be found on facebook.  We have all enjoyed Rachel’s desserts here at church and Rachel specializes in cakes and all things dessert.  Check out her FB page.  If you would prefer to indulge a different sense, be sure and stop by the Westwood Library in the next few days and see Cindy Rudolph’s artwork on display. Cindy’s beautiful work has been on display for the month of July, so you’ll have to hurry as this month is coming to a close.  Cindy is also teaching a Greeting Card Workshop on Wednesday, August 9th at Morrill Library here in Norwood.  Check out the bulletin boards for flyers with the details.  We are so blessed to have these ladies as part of our church family!

Did you know we have a church marketing group?  Did you know that they meet weekly?  Did you know you are welcome to be a part of this?  “Prepare for Harvest”  meets each Wednesday evening at 7:30 in the Council Room next to the office. Please keep this group in prayer as they strategize how to reach out to the Norwood community. Questions?  Speak to Silpa or Pastor Kevin

As we have been mentioning, new members will be welcomed into the church on August 13th. Perhaps  you are someone who has been active and attending here for a long time and yet, becoming an “official” church member slipped past you.  Don’t be embarrassed or uncomfortable – it is an easy and painless process 🙂  Speak to Pastor Kevin for more information.

Believe it or not we are gearing up for the re-opening of our Open Door meal ministry!  There will be a BIG cleaning of the kitchen on Wednesday, August 23rd at 10:00am.  There is lots to be done so all extra hands are needed.  Start thinking and praying now about how you might be more involved with this ministry.  We are now the only meal ministry offering dinners on Wednesday evenings.  We will be needing additional help in a variety of ways – donations of food for meals, baked desserts etc.  There will be more details in the coming weeks, but perhaps you can give this some thought and see how you can help out.

Sunday worship begins at 10:00!  Wonderful music, raising our prayers and praises, uplifting message and Kids Connection are all ready!  We just need you – plan now to be here!  Coffee time follows in the fellowship hall.  Don’t forget to stop and sign up to help out at coffee time.  Look for the sign-up sheets on the snack table.

The Islam Study will not meet on Monday evening.  Our next meeting will be Monday, August 7th at 7:00.

Serving Sunday:
Kids:  Marie, Deb, Carolyn
Ushers:  Bob and Mary
Coffee-time set-up:  Joanna & Elsa
Coffee-time snacks: Marie
Coffee-time clean-up:  Tim

That’s all we have for you today.  Please be in touch with any need that we can help with.

Mid-July Connection

Good afternoon everyone,  no need to tell you how hot these past days have been.  Look forward to church in a lovely air conditioned space on Sunday morning!  Please keep these things in mind as you plan your time over the next days.

Sunday worship begins at 10:00.  Great singing, uplifting words from Pastor Kevin,  a time for praises and concerns to be shared and special music from Rachel and Steve round out our time together.  Meg has Kids Connection in full swing for the younger ones.  Coffee and time to chat follows in the fellowship hall.  Hope to see you!

For those of you who have been at the Islam Study in Monday evenings, you can attest to what a really interesting and informative time this is.  It is not too late to join this study – 7:00 in the Council Room next to the office.  We’ll save a seat for you 🙂

Thank you to everyone who made a special financial gift to help with medical care for the Compassion child who was severely burned.  We have received about $450.  Elsa will be sending those funds out to Compassion in the next week or so.  If you would still like to contribute, please make your check out to UCN and make a note for Compassion burn victim.

Don’t forget to stop by the Westwood Library during the month of July.  Cindy Rudolph is displaying her artwork there for the month.

The BLOOM Summer Tea tour stopped here last Saturday.  We were blessed to have about 60 women attend!  It was a wonderful morning of fellowship, food and encouraging words as we heard about the great work that BLOOM is doing to help young girls at risk.  We were able to offer a great deal of financial support as well as donations of needed supplies for the BLOOM home.  Thank you to everyone who participated in any way to make this such a successful event!  A special thank you to Cindy Rudolph who as always keeps the WISH ministry  on target and focused when we are planning these activities!

Are you interested in becoming a member of our church here?  New members will be welcomed on August 13th.  Please speak to Pastor Kevin if you are interested in taking this next faith step…

Thank you for being a part of our church community.  We are truly thankful for each one of you..  As you relax and enjoy some well deserved vacation time during the summer months, please remember that the financial needs of the church continue.  Your financial faithfulness is appreciated.

Serving Sunday:
Greeter:  Barbara Sulfaro
Ushers:  Marie Schuhmacher, Barbara Sweeny
Kids:  Meg, Sharon, Melanie
Coffeetime set-up:  Please take time to stop by early to ensure that everything is ready!
Snacks:  Steve Carter (donuts)
Coffee clean-up:  Cindy Rudolph

Enjoy the rest of the week and hope to see you on Sunday!

Early July Connection

The summer is in full swing here at United!  Please keep these activities in mind as you plan your time:

Sunday morning worship begins at 10:00.  Great singing, music from our choir, a relevant message from Pastor Kevin, a time for your prayers and praises, and Kids Connection are all in place.  Communion will also be offered this Sunday.   Our Helping Hands offering is received on Communion Sundays.  Those funds are used at Pastor’s discretion to assist those within our church family as well as the Norwood community.  Look for an envelope in your Sunday  bulletin if you would like to contribute.

Coffee time follows in the fellowship hall.  There are sign-up sheets posted outside of the kitchen.  We need volunteers to set-up, clean-up, or provide a snack.  Please take a look and see if there is a place where you can help out.  Thank you!

ISLAM STUDY begins on Monday, July 10th in the Council Room next to the church office.

*  Write down 3 questions you have relating to Islam

*  Bring a Bible!

If you have some free time and would like to help out…next Wednesday morning (July 12th) at 10:00 the Open Door volunteers will be doing a thorough kitchen cleaning.  all help is appreciated!  Feel free to stop by and help out.

Saturday, July 15th at 10:00 is the Summer Tea which you have been hearing so much about!  WISH is sponsoring this tea which benefits BLOOM – an arm of Teen Challenge.  Check the bulletin boards for more information.  Your Sunday bulletin insert has all the details as well.  Or feel free to call the office with any questions.

Please speak to Pastor Kevin by July 23rd  if you are interested in becoming a church member.  New members will be welcomed on Sunday, August 13th.

On Wednesday July 19, we’ll be getting a group together to meet up at Patriot Place in Foxboro for their free outdoor movie event.  Festivities begin there at 6pm.  Please RSVP to Meg by July 17. faithfulmeg@yahoo.com

We are looking for two more people to fill out a rotation of Sunday morning visual technology volunteers.  No experience needed, we are glad to let anyone shadow for a few times to learn how to set up and run the projection during Sunday morning worship.  You can email Meg faithfulmeg@yahoo.com if you want to learn more.

We have a new post up on our Kids Blog: “Four Smartphone Apps We Love” These are tips for parents, grandparents, and caregivers to use their tablets and smartphones in positive, faith-building ways.  You can check it our here: United Kids Connection!  Don’t hesitate to ask for help in learning how to utilize these great resources!  Meg is always willing to help.  You can reach her at faithfulmeg@yahoo.com

Serving on Sunday:
Greeter:  Marie Schuhmacher
Ushers/Communion:  Steve Carter, Dottie Cotter, Georgia Shaw
Kids:  Meg, Silpa, Barbara
Coffee Set-up:  Barbara Sweeny
Snacks: We need one person to pick up muffins or bagels!
Coffee Clean-up:  Tim Nelson

Thanks, see everyone Sunday!

Pre- Independence Day Connection

 Hello,  Hope you are enjoying your day as we approach this first weekend of summer!   These are the things to keep in mind over the next days and weeks.

Sunday morning worship begins at 10:00 with great singing, a time to share your prayer needs and praises, an uplifting message from Pastor Kevin and Kids Connection for the little ones.  Coffee time follows in the Fellowship Hall.   Hope that if you are home this weekend, you will be here.  We look forward to seeing you!

Changes to coffee time for the summer months:

In an effort to streamline coffee time and make it a bit easier for the summer months, we are going to be making one change.  Beginning on July 9th ( a week from this Sunday) we are asking for the snack donation to be just one item.  Perhaps bagels, munchkins, cookies etc.  The new sign-up outside of the kitchen reflects that change.  We are asking for one person to volunteer to bring one item to share.  Thanks for your help!

YOUR HELPING HANDS OFFERING AT WORK:  We recently heard from Compassion International about a horrific tragedy that occurred with one of the Compassion children in Ecuador.  An 11 year old heading home after church was captured, bound, covered in gasoline and set on fire.  He was able to run to a nearby river and douse the flames but he is suffering greatly with burns over 65 % of his body. A group has brought  him to the USA where he is being given state of the art care to assist him.  He is in critical condition.   A contribution has been made in the name of the United Church of Norwood from our Helping Hands fund. If you feel moved to make an additional contribution, donations will be received next Sunday.  If you write a check, please write “Compassion Child” in the memo line.


The Summer/Fall Bible study on Islam begins on Monday, July 10th at  7:00pm in the Church Council Room (next to the church office).  It has been great to see so much interest in this topic.  We have a few copies of the pre-study book, “I Dare to Call Him Father” available.  Check with Pastor Kevin if you would like one.    Please keep Pastor in prayer as this is a spiritually difficult  topic to prepare for.

Have you seen all the publicity surrounding the WISH sponsored Summer Tea on July 15th at 10:00.  This will benefit “BLOOM – A Place for Girls in Crisis.”  Tickets for this worthwhile cause are $10.00 and are available at the door or from any WISH member or Barbara Sweeny.   Check your bulletin on Sunday for a flyer with all the details.

Summer Office hours begin next week.  The office will be open  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.  As always if there is something needed that cannot be accommodated during those hours, please contact the office and we can make arrangements.  I am able to check both phone messages and email from home and that is done on a regular basis.

News from our church family:

Cindy Rudolph is showing her artwork at the Westwood Library during the month of July. Be sure and stop in! 

LARGE print editions of Our Daily Bread are available in the Resource Areas.   This edition covers July – September.

EFCA Corner:  In an effort to help you become familiar with the Evangelical Free Church of America, I am going to be including the EFCA Corner in our Weekly Connection.  Check out these links:  https://go.efca.org helps you learn more of the EFCA history, missions and statement of faith.  If you want to learn more about the New England District of the EFCA, take a look at www.efcneda.org  That will also link you to the national EFCA site.

Our Open Door closed out another wonderful season last evening serving 54 guests!  A HUGE THANK YOU to all who volunteer year round in this ministry.  Our Open Door will take a well-deserved break for the summer, reopening on Wednesday, September 6th.  Please pray about how you might be a part of this tremendous outreach.  On Wednesday, July 12th at 10:00, you are welcome to come by the church and help do a thorough cleaning of the kitchen, fridge, freezers and Open Door supply closet to get things ready for the fall.

Serving on Sunday:
Greeter:  Barbara Sulfaro
Ushers: Bob & Mary
Kids:  Marie, Deb, Carolyn
Coffee Time: Don’t forget to take some time before and after worship to help with coffee time set-up and clean-up!

That is all for now – hope to see you on Sunday!

End of June Connection

Hello everyone, What a beautiful week!  Hope you are finding some time to get outside and admire some of God’s beautiful creation we are blessed with!    Here are some of the things to keep in mind as you plan your time

Sunday worship begins at 10:00.  Please come to church if you are home!   Great music, uplifting message from Pastor Kevin, Kids Connection, a time for you to share your prayers and praises, time to connect with your friends and coffee to follow.  Hope to see you!

Council members are reminded of the Council meeting on Monday evening at 7:00.  Please check your email for a note from Shannon.

Regarding desperately needed back packs for the Blessing Bag ministry...check out yard sales!  As the school year ends, many backpacks are discarded to be replaced in the fall.  One woman stopped by church last week with 4 backpacks she found at yard sales.  Additionally, when she told the homeowner what they were being used for, she told her just to take them.  And that homeowner happens to do a lot of business travel and then gave a bag of small size toiletries that she had accumulated from her travels!  Great suggestion – check those yard sales!   And there is an ongoing need for chapsticks, hair brushes, trial size toiletries, wash cloths and blank note cards.

If you were here last Sunday you were treated to THREE wonderful selections from our choir.  What a blessing!  Thank you to all of the choir members, Chris and Steve for a great year!  Our choir is a huge part of Sunday worship and we so appreciate all of the hard work that is done each week to provide our service with exciting faith-filled music!

Ladies!  You are invited to a Summer Tea on Saturday, July 15th from 10-Noon here in Veno Hall to benefit BLOOM – a Place for Girls in Crisis.  BLOOM is a branch of Teen Challenge Ministries that we have had a connection to for many years.  Tickets are $10 and are available from Barbara Sweeny or any WISH member.  Tickets can also be purchased at the door.  Please consider supporting this excellent cause – bring a friend, sister, co-worker, daughter…it’s going to be a great and inspiring morning!  We have details posted on all the bulletin boards at church and Meg has done a great job of sharing this on our FB page and web site.  Check  it out!

After another GREAT year of serving meals each Wednesday evening, our Open Doorvolunteers will be taking the months of July and August off for a well-deserved break.  We will end the season with a cookout next Wednesday evening at 5:30 followed by a “debriefing” to review the past year and look ahead to the fall start-up.  Everyone is welcome to the cookout.  Give some thought to joining the great team of volunteers that we have – your help is needed!

From Pastor Kevin: I hope that you are getting excited about our summer / fall study on Islam.  
– This study has three goals: 1) To give you the background on Islam so that you can share the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively to a Muslim; 2) Answer the question, “Is Islam truly a religion of peace?” 3) To learn more about the great salvation that believers have in Christ Jesus by contrasting faith in Jesus with the Muslim faith.
– See you on Monday, July 10th in the downstairs council room.  And yes there is air conditioning!
– And don’t forget to pick up your pre-study read, “I Dared to Call Him Father.”  We have copies at the church or you can find your copy of this wonderful account of a Pakistani woman’s journey to faith through discovering the fatherhood of God. It can be purchased at Amazon or Christianbook.com in paperback or e-book.

Would you like to become a member of the United Church?  Pastor Kevin is thinking of inducting new members on Sunday, August 13th.  Please speak to Pastor Kevin if you are interested or have any questions.

Family Ministries Update:
As we celebrate another great school year with kids connection and family activities, let’s look ahead to making sure this is able to continue strong in the year to come! Here’s the volunteer slots we still have to fill:  2 people for the nursery rotation, 2 people to be Kids Connection guides, as well as 4 people to be care buddies who provide prayer, cards, and encouragement for a specific family.  Please contact Meg if you want to help us continue to pass on the legacy of our faith and church to the younger generations! You can email faithfulmeg@yahoo.com or leave a message in the church office.
This week’s Kids Connection Blog shares some digital resource tips for parents, grandparents, and all caretakers!  United Kids Connection!

Serving on Sunday:

Greeters/Ushers: Dottie Cotter, Barbara Sweeny

Kids:  Meg, Sharon, Melanie

Coffee Time set up, snacks & clean-up:

Please consider stopping in early to set up, bringing a goodie to share, or staying after to help clean-up! Sign ups for summer coffee time volunteers will be available on the snack table this coming Sunday for all to find a way to help!

That’s all for now – enjoy your week!

Mid June Connection

Hi everyone,  Hope you are enjoying the week! Please keep these things in mind as you plan your time.

Saturday morning at 9:00am is the next WISH gathering.  All ladies are welcome!  We will be spending some time making plans for the BLOOM Tea on July 15th.  Please speak to Cindy Rudolph if you would like to be included on the email list for WISH – that helps keep you in the loop!

Sunday worship begins at 10:00.  Great music, message from Pastor Kevin, prayers and praises are all part of our service.  Our choir will be singing several times during worship before they take a well-deserved break for the summer!  Kids Connection is in place for the younger ones.  Coffee time follows in Veno Hall.  Don’t forget that Sunday is Father’s Day!

Sunday evening at 6:00 is the next Meetinghouse Concert featuring The Down East Boys.  Tickets are available at the door.  The concert is a great way to end your weekend and start the week ahead – join us, you’ll be glad you did!

NEW Summer/Fall Study Info
What do Muslims actually believe?  What are Sunni and Shia and Sufi?  Is Islam a “religion of peace?”   What are the roots of Islamic fundamentalism? What do we as Christians need to know about Islam in order to effectively present the gospel of Jesus Christ to a Muslim? These questions and more will be discussed and answered at a Summer and early Fall study that begins on Monday July 10th at 7 pm. We will be meeting at the church in the council room (1st floor near the church office) for seven individual one hour sessions.  The sessions will be held approximately every other week through July, August and September.  There is a student workbook / guide that was written by Dr. Timothy Tennent.  Tennent is an evangelical who teaches at Asbury Theological Seminary.

* And there’s homework before our first session… it’s fun… don’t stress!  There is a wonderful little book titled “I Dared to Call Him Father,” that I’d like you to read.  We have eight copies available at the church or you can easily get it as an e-book.  This book tells the story of a Pakistani Muslim woman’s journey to the faith in Christ by discovering the fatherhood of God in the Bible.

Thank you to everyone who helped out with the needed supplies for the backpack Blessing Bags.  We have an ongoing need for these items too – chapstick, hair brushes and blank note cards.  And also, since it is the end of the year, talk with your friends or kids or kid’s friends and see if they might be done with their school backpacks.  We need adult size in good usable condition.

A reminder that our kids connection schedule shifts a bit as we enter into the summer season.  We’ll continue to offer nursery care following the time of greeting.  Kids Connection will be offered for ages 4-7 starting after the time of prayer.  There will be kids activity bulletins available for ages 7 and up in the rear of the sanctuary where the coloring sheets are also found.  This summer schedule is a great opportunity for parents, grandparents and all caretakers to put into practice the tips for engaging kids in worship that we’ve shared in our monthly family newsletters this year!  

Speaking of our monthly newsletter- This week’s post in the Kids Connection Blog focuses on how to incorporate faith into our lives outside of church, and how to help engage our kids of all ages in the worship service!  United Kids Connection!

From time to time we like to ask…do you have a favorite hymn or song that we haven’t sung in a while?  An old favorite hymn or a newer praise song?  Let Rachel know and we can add it in to the Sunday music!

Serving Sunday:
Greeter:  Dottie Cotter
Ushers:  Bev Alty, Marie Pierre-Louis
Kids:  Shannon, Roger, Janna
Coffee Set-up:  Please stop by the kitchen before worship to make sure everything is ready to go for after the service!
Snacks:  Consider bringing something to share!
 Coffee Clean-up:  Please remember to take some time to help clean up and put things away at the end of coffee time!  It’s a team effort!

That is enough for now.  Hope to see you on Sunday!

Family Weekend Connection

Hope you are having a good week! These are some of the things to keep in mind as you plan your time over the next days and weeks.


Moms & Tots meets on Saturday morning.  Families can meet at Meg’s home in Foxboro at around 9:30 and then head over to the town center to watch the Foxboro Founders Day Parade.  Pack a lunch and snacks to share.

Norwood Art Association “Art in the Park”  also on Saturday at 10:00 on the Norwood Common.  Showcasing local talented artists.  Perhaps our very own Cindy Rudolph will have some of her beautiful work available!  This is a nice time to support a good cause and see some inspiring art!

Craft Day in Veno Hall – a time to bring your projects that you are working on, spread out on the tables and make some good progress on those things that you never seem to find time to do!  Come and go as you need to.

Sunday:  Worship begins at 10:00 in the sanctuary.

Family Sunday:  We look forward to celebrating Family Sunday this week to honor our graduates, our kids, our families raising little ones in the church, and the role we all have in passing on the legacy of faith to new generations!  Part of the celebration will include praising God with songs many of us learned as young people ourselves. We look forward to having you join us!

Don’t forget that this Sunday we will be voting on affiliating with the Evangelical Free Church of America.  Last Sunday we had a good and lengthy discussion time where questions were asked and everyone had the opportunity to share their thoughts.  Voting will happen during/following coffee time on Sunday.  You will have plenty of time to get your coffee and snack and find a seat before the meeting begins.  We need a quorum of 25 members to conduct business.  Voting to affiliate is an important moment in our church and we trust that you will be here.  Realizing that this is a very busy time of year, we are aware that there are members who cannot be here.  To that end, if you are a member and know that you are unable to be here but still would like your vote to count and your voice heard, please contact the church office by 9:00 Sunday morning and let me know of your vote.  That will be recorded on the church membership list and presented on Sunday to be included in the votes.  However, that  absentee vote does not count towards the needed quorum so you are encouraged to be here if possible.  Please continue to pray about this decision and to ask for God’s wisdom and  will.

A cause for celebration!  Last evening’s Open Door dinner was very well attended with 49 guests being served a delicious chicken pie dinner!  How grateful we are for the volunteers who spend hours of their time creating a space that is warm and inviting for our guests and provides good food and conversation.  Please hold this ministry in prayer as we continue to reach out to our community.

Ways you can help out:

Blessing Bag Ministry:  We have a request for 20 backpacks and these are the items we need to help us fill the backpacks.  We need:  20 packs of peanut butter crackers, 20 packs of gum, hard candy and bite size candy, 15 hair brushes and 20 combs. We also have a need for 20 cards of encouragement. If someone would like to do them Donna will be happy to supply the cards.  If you have any questions or can supply one of these needs, please speak to Donna Wood.

Don’t forget to take a look each week at our Kids Connection Blog, even if you aren’t a caretaker for little ones, we’re all part of raising up the next generation in the faith! This week we have links to great articles about passing down our faith and making summer memories! United Kids Connection Blog!  

Just around the corner:
June 15th – Kids Team Dessert Nite
June 17th – WISH Gathering
June 18th – Meetinghouse Concert featuring The Down East Boys

Serving on Sunday:
Greeters and Ushers:  David, Shawn, Alicia  with Georgia
Kids:  Meg, Debby S., Barbara
Coffee Set-up:  Elsa & Joanna
Snacks:  Janna
Coffee Clean-up:
Please remember to take some time to help with clean-up before you leave!

Thanks for taking the time to read and make note of what pertains to you!

Pentecost Weekend Connection

Hello everyone,  hope you are having a good day and enjoying the sun!  We have had quite a bit of rain which is evidenced by mowing our lawns quite regularly this year!   But how good to be blessed with green grass, budding trees and colorful flowers.   Here are the things to have in mind as you plan your time:

Sunday worship is at 10:00 in the sanctuary.  Great music from both our choir and the congregation, a time for your prayers and praises, timely message from Pastor Kevin and Kids Connection for the little ones.  Following worship, we have 2 important events happening in Veno Hall.

The first is…

Renovation Celebration!  Recognizing the work done in Veno Hall through generous donations given in memory of Pastor Bill.  Painting, windows, shades, bulletin boards – lots of things to brighten the space!

The second is… also during coffee time,  an informational conversation regarding our affiliating with the Evangelical Free Church of America.  http://www.efca.org/ (this is the EFCA site) or http://www.efcneda.org/ (this is the EFCA site specifically for the New England district)  will help you connect!  Check out that site and come prepared to ask questions, share your thoughts and  add some helpful comments to our discussion!

In light of these 2 things happening, we expect to have more folks than usual in attendance.  To that end, it would be wonderful to have some special snacks for this special day!  There will be 2 tables set-up to accommodate the additional foods that we hope you will be bringing!

Young Life happens on Monday evening at 7:27 on the top floor. Young Life will also meet on June 12th before ending for the season.

Ladies, if you have unfinished projects you need to complete, mark your calendar for June 10th for a time to work on them. Veno Hall will be available for you to spread out and work on your UFO’s (UnFinished Objects 🙂 for the day.

Moms & Tots will meet on Saturday, June 10th at 9:30 at Meg’s home in Foxboro.  This will be great viewing for the Foxboro Founder’s Day parade.

Looking ahead:  June 11th will be the vote regarding affiliation with EFCA.  A quorum of 25 people is required for this meeting.

 June 11th is also Family Sunday where we will be honoring our children and our high school graduates.  More details to follow!

What do Muslims actually believe?  What are Sunni and Shia and Sufi?  Is Islam a “religion of peace?”  What are the roots of Islamic fundamentalism?  And most importantly, what do we as Christians need to know about Islam in order to effectively present the gospel of Jesus Christ to a Muslim? These questions and more will be discussed and answered at a Summer and early Fall study that begins on Monday July 10th at 7 pm.  We will be meeting at the church in the council room (1st floor near the church office) for seven individual one hour sessions.  The sessions will be held approximately every other week through July, August and September.  There is a student workbook/guide that was written by Dr. Timothy Tennent.  Tennent is an evangelical who teaches at Asbury Theological Seminary.  See you there!  Pastor Kevin

Ever wonder about the daily life of our Compassion Child, Kevin?  Here is an opportunity that you might want to consider.  The  Compassion experience let’s people walk through a day in the life of a child in struggling parts of the world.  See Meg for details and check out this link.   https://cts.compassion.com/events/724

As we enter the month of June, here’s a link to updates for all that’s going on for Kids and Families this month!  United Kids Connection! 

Serving on Sunday:
Greeters:  Bob & Mary
Ushers:  Dottie Cotter, Georgia Shaw, Buki Chukwurah, Steve Carter
Kids:  Shannon, Marie, Meg, Silpa, Deb B.
Coffee Time set-Up:  Please stop by before worship to lend a hand! 
Coffee Time clean-up:  Cindy R.

Snacks:  Please see note above regarding snacks

Thanks for reading through your connection!  See you Sunday!